Last year around this time I was sitting on a coffee shop, working on a program that later would be called Hatch Incubator Program. We in LaureaES had seen a need for an early stage incubator; to help students to step into an entrepreneurial mindset and the startup ecosystem.

As I poured my ideas onto paper, I recruited a couple friends to help me to organize the matter. With a four women power team; Hatch Incubator ended up containing 8 weeks of workshops and lectures. We four completed all the tasks from marketing, event management, graphic design to production and partnerships. It was an intensive fall with lots of learning.

We targeted our program somewhere schools couldn’t help the aspiring entrepreneurs; the actual introduction to startup scene, how it works, how to get into it and how to gain the needed networks. No-one succeeds on their own and providing networks came quickly as one of our main goals.

With the resources and networks that we had, we poured them to the attendees; we wanted them to have the necessary information, skills, and networks to continue developing their business idea further on their own. We partnered with companies, cowering places, and other ecosystem partners to bring all that to the student. The programs winner launched his business last spring, you can check their website here. 

We targeted our program somewhere schools couldn’t help the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hatch is coming again on this fall, and bigger than last year. This year a four-person team is not going to cut it.  We offer all the students from 3UAS now an opportunity to be part of one of the most inspiring programs in 3UAS, we are looking for teammates to be part of the fantastic power team.

I asked my teammates from last year what they gained and this is how they answered;

“Last year not only did you learn of all what the attendees did too, you also gained the same networks and even more on the organizing side.”

“The actual weeks of Hatch were so intensive period of time, I learned about startups, networking, event management and people management. Most importantly I learned to take responsibility and to trust in myself. “

To myself organizing Hatch was a turning point; I challenged myself to public speaking and hosted the finals of the program. Even more important I gained confidence in myself and learned that my anxiety cannot hold me back anymore. I then got selected to be the 2018 chairman of LaureaES but that is another story.

The point is that no matter what; If you are interested in the event management side, or marketing, or just to be a part a such a great opportunity, we want to give you the chance to develop your skills and reach your goals.

The team application is now open at or just email me to

Are You ready to Hatch your full potential?


Hatch Incubator Program will be organized during October and November 2018. The application period for business ideas Hatch Incubator opens in September. All students of 3UAS; Haaga-Helia, Laurea & Metropolia can apply.


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