Hatch Incubator was first organized in fall 2017. It was a pilot run of the program and we had 6 teams we coached for eight weeks. Here are the last year’s winner thoughts about bringing an idea into action in Hatch Incubator 2017.

Who are and what you do?

I’m Visa Kiikka, a second-year business student from Laurea Leppävaara and CEO of Gamers Cottage. I attended and won Hatch Incubator 2017 with my current business idea.

What made you apply?

I learned about Hatch from Suvi Lehtonen presenting LaureaES and Hatch Incubator in one of the lectures organized by LaureaES and other associations to freshmen. She made a compelling point about the values the program would give to me and my idea. I thought about it for a while and on the last day of participation deadline, I decided to go for it. Thinking back, I think that applying to Hatch was the single most important decision I made last fall.

“without hatch I wouldn’t have  met my co-founder or investor”


What Hatch Incubator 2017 was like?

Through Hatch, I gained the tools and information needed to start my own company. Hatch team and LaureaES as a whole took me with them with open arms and guided me through the startup scene.

Without Hatch, I wouldn’t have participated in Nordic Business Forum Live Stream in Helsinki, and I wouldn’t have met my co-founder there. I attended to Spotlight in Jyväskylä (Organized by LaureaES’s colleagues at JyväskyläES) and while networking there I found an investor to my business and new direction where I wanted to go with my company.

Hatch 2017 was in its pilot stage and the first time it was organized. I was surprised how well Suvi and the team managed to keep it all together after setbacks and how well the possible problems we had were solved. The program had amazing workshops we got the pleasure to attend. For me, the most important events were the visit to the Säästöpankki where we got to go to their office and they taught us all about the financial aspect of the business. Following close behind was the brainstorm/pitching workshop day in Turku organized in collaboration with Boost Turku.

Visa Kiikka pitching in Turku.

What would you like to say to those considering applying this year?

In the end, I don’t think I could have done as much as quick without the help of Hatch or LaureaES. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in starting their own company. All in all the program was a success and from what I’ve heard this year is going to be even more amazing! I hope that everyone with a business idea will consider Hatch a major stepping stone to kickstarting their business.

Are You ready to Hatch your full potential? Apply now here. 

Hatch Incubator Program is 8 -week business development program that will be organized during October and November. The application period is open until 23.9. All students of 3UAS; Haaga-Helia, Laurea & Metropolia can apply. You only need an idea. We will provide the rest. Winner will take home a 750€ pre-seed fund. 

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